Here are some questions we get asked a lot.  Hopefully you find them helpful.  If you don’t see your question here, click on the Contact Us page and send us a message !

How much does tree removal cost

This is, by far, the most common question. Unfortunately, the only answer is “It Depends.” The cost of any tree service depends on location, size, proximity to hazards, equipment needed to perform job and crew members needed to perform the job, all safely.  The only way to know is for Tom to come out and give you quote.

Do you offer coupons or specials?

No, we do not.  Tom has months of tree work to do, and constantly has people calling for more.  There is no slow season for us.  Be leery of any company that does.  If we offered discounts we would have to raise our rates, as our prices are fair already.  We don’t like playing those games.  The price is the price.  We offer competitive prices with any other high quality, professional, licensed, and insured tree company.

Do you offer Maintenance Plans?

Of course!  Many of our customers enjoy knowing that their regular tree trimming and pruning is already arranged for the year.  Tom regularly stops by to inspect your trees, and arranges trimming on the schedule without delay. This ensures your regular maintenance is handled. Maintenance plans are not right for everyone and Tom will let you know if one makes sense, and also when they don’t and would cost you more than you need to be spending.


Can I get the wood from the tree as lumber or firewood?

Absolutely.  It’s  part of the many services we offer.  If you want your felled trees for firewood, we can cut to reasonable length for you to cut into rounds and split, or we can cut into rounds for you as well. We can also transport the logs to our sawmill, and mill them into whatever sizes you could want — beams, mantles, posts, lumber and more.