Tree Trimming and Removal Services

Whether it’s preventative maintenance, and you would like some limbs trimmed, or full scale tree removal services, we have the crews, education, safety and equipment to get the job done the right way.

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Maintenance Services

Trees are just like your house and your car — they require maintenance.  Our owner, Tom, a licensed Arborist, formally educated at Paul Smith’s College, can help you maintain your trees, regularly inspecting and trimming when needed, rather than waiting for disaster to strike and have limbs or trees fall and cause catastrophic damage to your property.

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Full Service Sawmill

We are proud to offer full milling services to our customers.  Maybe you don’t need the firewood from your tree, but would like a mantle, some beams, some rough sawn lumber for a shed or outbuilding?  We can easily facilitate your wants.  We even offer woodworking services if you need more than just the lumber!

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There is a lot that goes into performing tree services.

Tom Nicholson, owner and operator of Thomas F. Nicholson III, LLC  – has seen quite a bit in his more than 30 years of tree service experience.  His formal education at Paul Smith’s provided him with a wealth of knowledge and a degree in Urban Tree Management.  His 30+ years of experience has taught him that you can’t cut corners, that there is always a safe way to do the job right, and that when you are good at what you do, there is no slow season.

Because of his experience and expertise, Tom often has a backlog when it comes to maintenance work.  Countless customers count on Tom and his crews to handle all their tree work.  Emergency work is always handled right away, but maintenance work can take some time.  If you are in search of tree services and are interested in having someone take care of your property as if it were his, Tom is the guy for you.

Just remember- cheap tree services are just that- Cheap.  Cheap work isn’t safe- and usually isn’t licensed, insured or bonded.  Before selecting a tree service company for your needs, no matter who you choose, make sure they are registered, licensed, insured and bonded.  Educate yourself and get multiple quotes.  You will quickly learn why there is a price difference between companies, and why many aren’t in business very long.

If you call Thomas F. Nicholson III, LLC, Tom himself will be the one who shows up to give you a quote.  He will listen to your concerns, help you decide on the best and safest course of action, and give you a timeline on when the job would be completed.  When the job is done, you will find your yard is often neater and cleaner than it was before he and his crew arrived.  Professionalism, safety, and exceptional quality of service is what we provide, every time.


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